Automated root canal preparation


If bacteria have penetrated the roots of the teeth, the inner walls of the roots must be thoroughly cleaned (for example, in the course of periodontitis or caries treatment) to prevent inflammation.

Until a few years ago, this was done with steel files – the lengths of which were tailored to the length of the canal in question, on the basis of an X-ray. They were used to scrape out the bacteria, which was an unpleasant procedure for both patients and dentists.

We therefore rely on the modern method of automated root canal preparation. It is based on rotating, ultra-flexible nickel titanium files, which perform their task much more accurately and quickly than conventional, manually-guided steel files. Recently, so-called reciprocal instruments have afforded further progress in terms of reliability and hygiene. In addition, electrical length-determination can be used for readjustment during treatment. If you have any questions about automated root canal preparation, we will be happy to provide you with comprehensive information.