Functional diagnostics

Functional disorders of the masticatory system can have painful consequences that extend beyond the oral cavity. For example, in the event of unexplained headaches and neck pain, it may be advisable to perform a functional analysis of the dental apparatus.

However, a functional disorder often also leaves traces on the dentition, such as abrasion (severe wear), tooth migration or exposed tooth necks. This is usually accompanied by pain when chewing, swallowing, speaking or even yawning; or a situation in which the mouth can no longer be opened properly. Joint noises can also be a consequence.

If you notice any of these symptoms in yourself, please come to our practice. Our diagnostic investigation begins with a personal consultation, because every individual’s medical history can provide important information. Through stress tests and impressions, x-rays and orthopaedic movement analyses, we will determine beyond doubt whether you are suffering from craniomandibular dysfunction (CMD – functional disorder of the masticatory system). And of course we will work with you to implement a customised therapy, if necessary.