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A bright smile can build bridges

We cordially invite you to entrust us with your dental healthcare. In addition to our professional and quality-driven approach to treatment, you will experience a great deal of attention to your personal needs. Since opening our practice in the Tempelhof neighbourhood, it is this commitment to our patients that has led us to success – in Tempelhof and beyond.  

Cutting-edge treatment and prevention

The focus of our philosophy is on preventive care: prevention as a guarantee for lifelong tooth preservation. This includes regular professional tooth-cleaning and rigorous dental check-ups. Dental cleaning is carried out by specially-trained dental prophylaxis assistants. We also attach great significance to the prevention and treatment of periodontal disease. A healthy periodontium creates the best conditions for successful reconstruction, and – in turn – the preservation of your teeth. Should you experience any damage to your teeth, or any disease, then all the most up-to-date therapy methods are available to you at our practice in Tempelhof. This starts with fillings, which we usually apply using adhesive technology to achieve the best possible results, both functionally and aesthetically. In cases of severe damage, we provide you with precisely-fitting crowns made of the material of your choice. We replace missing teeth with bridges – or, if necessary, with removable dentures. Otherwise, you can opt for the solution that comes closest to your own teeth in terms of appearance; ease of chewing and speaking; and has a similarly long life: implants. You can rely on our many years of experience in implantology. Of course, you will also receive gentle and effective support from us in the short term if you are experiencing acute pain. This applies not least to root canal treatment, cannot usually be delayed. Thanks to minimally invasive procedures, this treatment (which used to be feared) is largely pain-free. The biocompatibility of dental materials also plays a central role at our practice at the Luftbrücke. We avoid the use of amalgam altogether and try, as far as possible, to treat your teeth metal-free. To this end, we use modern ceramic materials such as zirconium oxide or e.max, as well as ceramic-filled plastics. For dental treatments that require relative sterility and/or absolute drainage, we work with a rubber blanket (dental dam) that we stretch over the tooth in question. This allows us to suction off any material residue above the cloth and at the same time prevent germ-carrying saliva from reaching the tooth. Should measures beyond our range of treatments become necessary, we collaborate with a network of specialists. This encompasses major surgical interventions; complicated root canal treatments; physiotherapy in conjunction with splint therapy; and corrective orthodontic tooth positioning. For technical dental services we cooperate with various certified laboratories that specialise in the task at hand.

A team catering to every need

In addition to looking after your oral hygiene, we observe strict hygiene protocols in our practice. These are implemented and documented in accordance with the requirements of quality management. Our hygiene officer checks and updates these measures regularly. You can feel safe in our practice at all times. We strive in all aspects of care to give you the attention, time and support that you require. Our mission is to build a trusting relationship that allows you to express your ideas and wishes freely and openly – so that together, we can achieve your goal of healthy and beautiful teeth. We look forward to meeting you. Tempelhof Formerly an airport, now a place for recreation; with a harbour, a large open green space, a culture all of its own – and a dentist. Tempelhof is a special place with a lot to offer.